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I'm Rachel Rosenthal, a photographer.

Sounds strange to say and strange to read after years spent as an oil field engineer, mathematics professor, and community college president. It's a title realized after years spent in the background. Always present, but existing only as time, and life, allowed.  

And now, it's finally time to claim it.  

For me, photography is the fascinating challenge of capturing light, combining technology with artistry to create images that captivate the eye.  Images of people and landscapes from across the globe that ignite the imagination, generate a sense of emotion, and illuminate the soul within. I've captured hundreds of thousands of images over the years. Images of people, weddings, landscapes, and families to serve as reflections of moments in time, captured forever.

Travel is a large part of my photography. To date, I've been fortunate enough to "chase the light" in over 55 countries on six continents, with more in the planning stages.  I'm lucky indeed!  

Please contact me to discuss the specifics of your project!

Rachel Rosenthal

Rosenthal Photography

Auburn, California 95602


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