About - mathprof

Rachel is inspired to create compelling images of lands and cultures across the globe that transport the viewer, spark a sense of wonder, and provide a glimpse into our common experiences as individuals. In a decades long exploration of photography, she began with simple shots of her young daughter. Interest quickly turned to passion and led to her own home darkroom and later, extensive international travel with camera in hand.

Years spent in demanding careers as a community college president, math professor, and oil field engineer contribute to her artistry. The ability to be at ease in isolated locations, explore secluded backstreets, and engage with individuals from all walks of life all have origins in past life experiences. She is the recipient of multiple awards for her images, especially those from the collection, “We Are All One People,” showcasing the shared humanity of men and women from around the globe.

When home at Lake of the Pines in northern California, she loves to capture the connectedness of families, the innate dignity of individuals, and the love emanating throughout weddings.